E-Tricycle 20″*4.0 Fat Tire Tricycles for Resorts Hotels Supply

Make transportation effortless and enjoyable for your resort or hotel guests with our E-Tricycle 20″*4.0 Fat Tire Tricycles. As a trusted supplier of resort and hotel supplies, we offer these versatile and eco-friendly tricycles to enhance guest convenience and comfort. Explore the exceptional features and benefits of our E-Tricycles, designed to elevate the guest experience at your establishment.

Effortless Mobility: E-Tricycle 20″*4.0 Fat Tire Tricycles for Resort and Hotel Guests

At DERBAL, we understand the importance of providing convenient transportation options for resort and hotel guests. Our E-Tricycle 20″*4.0 Fat Tire Tricycles are designed to offer effortless mobility and a comfortable ride. Discover the remarkable features that make these tricycles an ideal choice for enhancing guest convenience and exploring the surroundings of your resort or hotel. And this model is the best choice for your hotels housekeeping purpose.

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Product Selling Points

  • 【48V 20AH Larger Capacity Battery】 This electric fat tire tricycle has 48V 20AH detachable lithium battery, reaching an extra long range up to 45 miles per charge (pure electric mode), will be longer on PAS mode, enough to power your daily commute.Full charge takes just 4-5 hours with 48V 3AMP super charger. It can run easily in many different circumstances. No matter go to work or travel, you can enjoy cycling anytime anywhere.
  • 【Bafang Motor & Shimano Shifter】 This electric bike has up to 750W high speed brushless BAFANG Motor which provides strong power, max torque 80NM. Switching gears on different roads makes riding easier and saving energy. SHIMANO 7 SPEED SHIFTER works in both electric and pedal assist modes. It can run easily in many different circumstances. Come with fenders and rear rack.
  • 【Sturdy&Low-Step Frame】:This electric trike is made of step through carbon steel frame, mechanically lock the front suspension and 4 inch width fat tires. It has excellent shock absorption, puncture resistance, strong wear resistance. Special design which is more comfortable to ride and fit for wet stones, muddy trails, beaches or snowy mountains.
  • 【Large Size Basket & Waterproof Bag】Besides the smooth riding, this 3 wheel electric bicycle supply the 58L big storage space as well. Whatever you are going to shopping, travelling, fishing, camping or take your pets, that’s will be enough.
  • 【Fast Delivery&1 Year Free Quality Warranty】America based warehouse ships your electric bike immediately. Installation video provide. All tools included in box. With one-year service for the electric motor, battery and the charger except vulnerable parts.

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Product Detailed Description

Moter Power 500W 500W 750W 750W
Brake Front/Rear: Disc brake Front/Rear: Disc brake Front/Rear: Disc brake Front/Rear: Disc brake
battery types lithium battery (samsung.LG) lithium battery lithium battery (samsung.LG) lithium battery
Battery Spec 48V 20AH 48V 20AH 48V 20AH 48V 20AH
range(km) <50KM <50KM <50KM <50KM
Max speed(km) <=32 km/h <=32 km/h <=32 km/h <=32 km/h
Tire 4.0 x 20” 4.0 x 20” 4.0 x 20” 4.0 x 20”
front light LED LED LED LED
weight(kg) 48kgs 49kgs 48kgs 49kgs
Loading weight(kg) <=125KGS  people <=125KGS  people <=125KGS  people <=125KGS  people
Dimensions(mm) 1780*680*1050mm 1780*680*1050mm 1780*680*1050mm 1780*680*1050mm
Battery removal yes yes yes yes
Color see YS color see YS color see YS color see YS color
packing size 1780*680*780mm 1780*680*780mm 1780*680*780mm 1780*680*780mm
Certificate CE CE CE CE
Charging Time(Hour) 4-8 hours 4-8 hours 4-8 hours 4-8 hours
Frame steel frame steel frame steel frame steel frame
front fork Aluminium Metal (MORO) Aluminium Metal Aluminium Metal (MORO) Aluminium Metal
stand no no no no
Gear Shifter& Rear derailleur SHIMANO 6 speed gears SHIMANO 6 speed gears SHIMANO 6 speed gears SHIMANO 6 speed gears
Seat Black seat Black seat Black seat Black seat
Assistant system Install throttle & 1:1 pedal assistant Install throttle & 1:1 pedal assistant Install throttle & 1:1 pedal assistant Install throttle & 1:1 pedal assistant


The DERBAL E-Tricycle for Adult is an excellent solution for providing convenient and eco-friendly transportation within resorts and hotels. With its powerful 750W motor, this tricycle offers ample power and performance to effortlessly navigate through various terrains.

DERBAL Beach Resort Housekeeping Tricycle - Efficient and Durable Solution for Sea Beach R (1)
DERBAL Beach Resort Housekeeping Tricycle

The 48V 20AH removable lithium battery provides the tricycle with a long riding range and allows for convenient charging. Guests and staff can easily remove the battery for charging or replacement, ensuring continuous operation throughout the day.

Equipped with 20″x4.0 fat tires, the tricycle offers enhanced stability, traction, and shock absorption. Guests can confidently ride on different surfaces, including sand, gravel, or uneven terrains, without compromising comfort or safety.

The e-tricycle’s comfortable seating arrangement ensures a pleasant riding experience for adults. Whether it’s exploring the resort grounds, running errands, or simply enjoying the surroundings, this tricycle provides a convenient and enjoyable means of transportation.

Built with durability in mind, the tricycle features a sturdy frame and components that can withstand the demands of daily use in resorts and hotels. It is designed to provide reliable performance and longevity, making it an excellent investment for your hospitality establishment.

Offer your guests and staff a convenient and eco-friendly transportation option with the DERBAL E-Tricycle for Adult. Its powerful motor, removable lithium battery, fat tires, and comfortable seating make it an ideal choice for resorts and hotels seeking to provide efficient mobility solutions.

DERBAL Beach Resort Housekeeping Tricycle - Efficient and Durable Solution for Sea Beach


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the maximum speed of the DERBAL E-Tricycle for Adult? A: The maximum speed of the e-tricycle may vary depending on various factors such as terrain, rider weight, and riding conditions. Generally, it can reach speeds up to [insert maximum speed].

Q: How far can the tricycle travel on a single charge? A: The riding range of the e-tricycle depends on several factors, including rider weight, terrain, speed, and battery capacity. With the 48V 20AH removable lithium battery, the tricycle can travel up to [insert estimated range] on a single charge.

Q: Can the lithium battery be charged while it is attached to the tricycle? A: Yes, the lithium battery can be charged while it is attached to the tricycle. However, for convenience, it can also be removed and charged separately, allowing flexibility in charging locations.

Q: Are spare batteries available for the e-tricycle? A: Yes, DERBAL provides spare batteries for the e-tricycle. Additional batteries can be purchased separately, allowing for extended riding range or easy battery replacement when needed.

Q: Is the e-tricycle suitable for all adults? A: The e-tricycle is designed to accommodate most adults comfortably. However, it is recommended to check the weight and height limitations specified in the product specifications to ensure a proper fit and safe riding experience.

Q: Can the tricycle be used in wet or rainy conditions? A: While the e-tricycle is designed to be weather-resistant, it is advisable to exercise caution and avoid riding in heavy rain or severe weather conditions. Water exposure should be minimized to prevent any potential electrical or safety issues.

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you!

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