DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray-Poolside Dining

Enhance the poolside dining experience at your resort with the DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray. As a trusted supplier of resort and hotel supplies, we offer this stylish and functional tray designed to provide a convenient and elegant solution for serving breakfast and food items by the pool. Explore the exceptional features and versatility of our DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray, ensuring a delightful and efficient dining experience for your guests.

Style and Convenience Combined: DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray

At DERBAL, we understand the importance of providing a seamless dining experience for your poolside guests. Our PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray offers a blend of style and convenience, allowing you to serve breakfast and food items in a chic and efficient manner. Discover the remarkable features that make this tray an ideal choice for elevating your poolside dining service.

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Product Selling Points

  1. Floating Design for Poolside Convenience: This floating tray is specifically designed to float effortlessly on water, allowing guests to enjoy their meals or drinks while lounging by the pool.
  2. Durable Aluminum Alloy Frame: The tray features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that ensures stability and long-lasting performance, even in a wet poolside environment.
  3. PE Rattan Material: The tray is crafted from high-quality PE rattan material, providing a stylish and sophisticated appearance that complements any poolside decor.
  4. Ample Food and Beverage Capacity: The spacious tray can accommodate a variety of food and beverage items, making it perfect for serving breakfast, snacks, or refreshing drinks.
  5. Convenient Handles: The tray is equipped with handles for easy carrying and transportation, allowing for seamless service and effortless maneuvering.
  6. Easy to Clean and Maintain: The PE rattan material is resistant to water and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.

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Product Detailed Description

Welcome to DERBAL, your premier one-stop hotels and resorts supply company. Introducing the innovative DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray, designed to enhance your poolside experience. With its aluminum alloy frame and PE rattan material, this floating tray brings both functionality and style to your hotel or resort. Explore the exceptional features of this unique product, brought to you by DERBAL.

The DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray is designed to add a touch of luxury and convenience to your poolside experience. As a leading hotels and resorts supply company, DERBAL understands the importance of providing exceptional amenities for your guests.

DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray
DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray

Crafted with a durable aluminum alloy frame and wrapped in high-quality PE rattan material, this floating tray exudes elegance and sophistication. It not only serves as a practical food and beverage serving platform but also enhances the ambiance of your pool area.

The floating design allows guests to enjoy their meals or drinks without leaving the refreshing waters of the pool. Whether it’s a relaxing breakfast or a poolside cocktail party, this tray provides the perfect solution for serving food and beverages in style.

DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray
DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray

With ample space to accommodate a variety of items, the tray ensures convenience and versatility. The handles make it easy to carry and serve, enabling your staff to provide exceptional service to your guests.

Cleaning and maintaining the tray is a breeze, thanks to the water and stain-resistant PE rattan material. Simply wipe it clean after use, and it will continue to impress your guests for years to come.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray suitable for saltwater pools?

A: Yes, the tray is designed to withstand saltwater environments, ensuring durability and longevity even in such conditions.

Q: Can the tray accommodate hot food and beverages?

A: While the tray is designed to hold food and beverages, it is not suitable for extremely hot items. We recommend using heat-resistant plates or cups for items with high temperatures.

Q: Can the tray be used in other water bodies, such as lakes or ponds?

A: While the tray is primarily designed for pool use, it can also be used in calm water bodies such as lakes or ponds. However, please ensure proper safety precautions and adherence to local regulations.

Q: Can the tray support the weight of heavy items?

A: The aluminum alloy frame provides sturdy support, but we recommend avoiding placing excessively heavy items on the tray to maintain its stability and prevent any potential damage.

Q: Is the tray available in different colors or sizes?

A: Currently, the DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray is available in the standard size and color. For any customization requests, please contact our support team to discuss possibilities.

Choose the DERBAL PE Rattan Floating Tray F&B Breakfast Food Tray to create a luxurious and enjoyable poolside experience for your valued guests.

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