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Introducing the Beach Island Cruiser, the first belt-drive beach cruiser designed to conquer the challenges of salt, sand, and water in coastal environments. Say goodbye to messy chains, rusty rides, and heavy pedaling. With a perfect blend of old-school styling and modern technology, the Coast is not just a bike; it’s a lifestyle.

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26 Inch Bikes
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China Manufacturer: DERBAL
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  1. Gates Carbon Drive Belt: Unchain your ride with the Gates Carbon Drive Belt—no rust, no grease, minimal maintenance. Strong enough for automotive applications, designed for everyday riding. Experience a clean and smooth ride without dirty hands, skipping chains, or greasy pants.
  2. Puncture-Resistant Tires: Roll confidently on 26″ x 2.125 puncture-resistant tires. While not entirely flat-proof, these tires feature a puncture-resistant membrane for worry-free rides.
  3. Ultra-Light Aluminum Frame: Built with a rust-resistant aluminum frame, the Coast withstands the challenges of the beach environment. Enjoy a strong, lightweight frame that ensures no rusty rides.
  4. Upright & Comfortable: Cruise comfortably with the Coast’s upright frame geometry. No more wrist and back pain; enjoy a relaxed ride, taking in the sights around you.
  5. Internally Geared Shimano Hub: Experience the reliability of Shimano gearing with the internally geared Shimano Nexus rear hub. Simple and intuitive shifting is offered on the 3 and 7-speed versions of the Coast.

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Coast Features:

The Coast is not your average beach cruiser. It’s designed for dawn patrol missions, lakeside leisure rides, and sunset sessions. Embrace the iconic beach cruiser revamped for the smoothest and longest-lasting beach biking experience.Beach Island Cruiser

Compare Priority Coast Models:

Each Beach Coast model shares core features such as a lightweight aluminum frame, rust/grease-free Gates Carbon Drive Belt, alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes, and is available in both diamond (step-over) and step-through frame styles. Choose the Coast model that suits your riding needs, from the simple single-speed to the premium Enviolo version.26" beach cruiser steel female bicycle / urban bikes / lady city bikes beach bicycle cruiser


Ideal for flat and short rides, the single-speed Coast is the epitome of rust and corrosion resistance. Perfect for easy, mellow rides with a traditional beach cruiser foot (coaster) rear brake, front hand brake, and a double kickstand.Beach Island Cruiser


For rolling hills and longer rides, the 3 & 7-speed Coasts offer versatility without compromising on durability. Featuring the same core components as the single-speed model, they are equipped to handle varied terrains and loads.Beach Island Cruiser


Known as the “Cadillac of Beach Cruisers,” the Enviolo version is designed for longer rides, mellow touring, and all-season durability. With a seamlessly shifting Enviolo City hub, hydraulic disc brakes, and a double kickstand, this is the epitome of premium beach cruising.



Riders are used to seeing rusty, slow rolling, clunky cruisers at the beach—but we don’t believe that should be the standard. We developed the Coast to handle dawn patrol missions, lakeside leisure rides, and sunset sessions. The Coast is the iconic beach cruiser you grew up with; revamped to be the smoothest, longest-lasting beach bicycle on the market.

  • 01
    No rust, no grease, no stretching, minimal maintenance. Strong enough for automotive applications but specifically designed for the wear-and-tear of everyday riding. Unchain your ride and free yourself from dirty hands, skipping chains, and greasy pants.
  • 02

Flats aren’t fun. Our tires are a step up with a puncture-resistant membrane that helps keep you rolling without issue. We aren’t saying they are flat proof, but we are saying you can ride with confidence.

  • 03

Not only is the frame strong and light, but it can withstand the salt, sand, and water at the beach. No rusty rides here!

  • 04

No one wants to ride their bike with wrist and back pain. The Coast’s frame geometry keeps you upright so you can see the road around you and cruise comfortably.

  • 05

The leading name in gearing—the Shimano Nexus rear hub features a simple and intuitive shifter. It’s offered on the 3 and 7-speed versions of the Coast.

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FAQ Section:

Q1: How often does the Gates Carbon Drive Belt need maintenance?

A1: The Gates Carbon Drive Belt is designed for minimal maintenance. Regular inspections are recommended, but it’s significantly less demanding than traditional chain-driven bikes.

Q2: Can I ride the Beach Island Cruiser on the beach?

A2: Absolutely! The Beach Island Cruiser is specifically designed to handle the challenges of beach riding with its rust-resistant frame and other coastal-friendly features.

Q3: Are the tires completely puncture-proof?

A3: While not entirely puncture-proof, the 26″ x 2.125 puncture-resistant tires feature a membrane that enhances resistance, making them highly reliable for various terrains.

Q4: Can I customize the Beach Island Cruiser?

A4: Currently, customization options are limited, but the Coast models offer a range of speeds to suit different riding preferences.

Q5: Is the Enviolo version suitable for hilly terrains?

A5: Yes, the Enviolo version is ideal for tackling hills effortlessly with its continuously variable hub, allowing you to shift seamlessly as you ride.


Elevate your coastal riding experience with the Beach Island Cruiser. A perfect fusion of style and technology, this belt-drive beach cruiser sets a new standard for smooth, rust-free, and comfortable rides. From the award-winning Gates Carbon Drive Belt to the puncture-resistant tires, each feature is meticulously crafted to ensure the Coast remains the iconic beach cruiser redefined for a new era of riders. Choose the Coast that suits your style, and let the adventure begin.

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