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Discover the ultimate fitness experience with DERBAL’s cutting-edge Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi. Our innovative treadmill combines the joy of entertainment with the benefits of exercise, allowing you to watch your favorite shows, movies, or browse the internet while you walk or run. Elevate your workouts to new heights of excitement and motivation as you stay connected and entertained throughout your fitness journey.

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Selling Points:

1. Entertainment at Your Fingertips DERBAL’s Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi brings entertainment directly to your workouts. Stay engaged and motivated as you enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or music while burning calories.

2. Immersive Fitness Experience Experience workouts like never before with the immersive combination of exercise and entertainment. The treadmill’s TV screen and WiFi capabilities transport you to a world of entertainment while you achieve your fitness goals.

3. Stay Connected While You Exercise Stay connected with friends, family, or work commitments while you work out. Our treadmill‘s WiFi feature allows you to browse the internet, reply to emails, or keep up with the latest news during your workouts.

4. Customizable Workout Options With various speed and incline settings, DERBAL’s Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi offers customizable workout options suitable for all fitness levels and goals.

5. Space-Saving and Modern Design The treadmill‘s space-saving and modern design make it a perfect addition to your home gym or fitness facility, blending seamlessly with your surroundings.

6. Durability and Performance Crafted with durability and performance in mind, our treadmill is designed to withstand rigorous workouts and deliver consistent results for years to come.

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Product Detailed Page:

treadmill with tv screen and wifi treadmill with tv screen and wifi treadmill with tv screen and wifi treadmill with tv screen and wifi

1.Display: 55cm Big LED/Android System Touch Screen, Time,Speed,Distance,Heart Rate
2.Treadmill Motor: Taiwan AC Heavy duty motor, provide 20% more power
3.Running Belt: 4.0mm Diamond striped running belt, anti-static
4.Roller: 3.5”(9cm)precision crowned steel rollers, front and back
5.Inverter: AC Inverter from Mitsubishi
6.Frame: Aluminium alloy frame cover, excellent finishing

Item Name Treadmill with TV Screen and Wifi
Model Number KY-002
Applications Commercial
Speed 1.0-20KM / H
Motor power 4.5HP
Running area 1450 * 580mm
Maximum user weigh 250kg
Incline 0-15%
Net Weight 98kg
Gross weight 114kg
Size 2040*925*1380mm

Entertainment-Driven Workouts: DERBAL’s Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi brings entertainment directly to your fitness routine. Enjoy the luxury of watching your favorite TV shows, movies, or streaming music while you exercise, making workouts enjoyable and engaging.

A New Level of Motivation: Experience a new level of motivation with our treadmill‘s immersive fitness experience. Lose track of time as you get lost in the world of entertainment, making workouts more enjoyable and less monotonous.

Stay Productive and Connected: Stay productive and connected even while you exercise. With our treadmill‘s WiFi capabilities, you can attend virtual meetings, respond to emails, or catch up on social media while burning calories.

Workout Your Way: DERBAL’s Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi offers a wide range of speed and incline options, allowing you to customize your workouts according to your fitness level and preferences.

Modern and Space-Saving Design: The treadmill’s modern design and space-saving features make it an ideal addition to any home gym or fitness facility. Its sleek aesthetics blend seamlessly with your space.

Built to Endure and Perform: Built with durability in mind, our treadmill is designed to withstand the demands of intense workouts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability over time.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:DERBAL
Model Number:KY-002
Screen Type:LED Screen
Heart Rate Test:Wireless
Function:Speed adjustment
Driving Type:Electric
Speed:1.0-20KM / H
Motor power:7HP
Running area:1450 * 580mm
Maximum user weigh:250kg
Packing size:2070 * 970 * 440mm
Product Name:Treadmill


Q1: Can I connect my streaming services to the treadmill’s TV screen?

A1: Absolutely! Our Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi allows you to connect your favorite streaming services, so you can enjoy endless entertainment options while you work out.

Q2: Is the treadmill suitable for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike?

A2: Yes, our treadmill offers various speed and incline settings, catering to individuals of all fitness levels. It provides the flexibility to customize workouts according to your specific needs.

Q3: Does the treadmill have safety features?

A3: Safety is our priority. Our treadmill is equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and secure handrails to ensure your workouts are safe and injury-free.


Elevate your fitness experience with DERBAL’s Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi, where entertainment meets exercise. Enjoy the luxury of entertainment-driven workouts, making your fitness routine enjoyable and engaging. Stay connected and productive while you exercise, thanks to the treadmill’s WiFi capabilities. With customizable workout options, space-saving design, and a durable build, our treadmill ensures you achieve your fitness goals with comfort and convenience. Make your workouts a new source of motivation as you immerse yourself in entertainment and stay connected with DERBAL’s innovative Treadmill with TV Screen and WiFi.

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