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Key Features:

Catagory: Hotel Supply- Stage Lights Size Type:  21 lens eyes Stage Lights
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China Manufacturer: DERBAL
Product Name: Stage Lights LOGO PRINTING YES
Color: Black SMALL ORDER Accept
Advantage: KTV Stage Lighting,Comfortable,Ec0-Friendly Keyword:  Stage Lights

Stage Lighting

Main Business: Hotel Supplies Factory, Wholesale Resort Supplies Usage: Hotels,Resorts supply,Stage Lights

♫♫♫​​ Different from other DJ lights, our unique 21 lens design provides larger panoramic flash coverage, combining Pattern lights, Strobe lights, and Party lights. Enjoy a rave party under three different DJ light effects.Elevate Your KTV Nights with Dazzling Stage Lights

♫♫♫​​ Experience the brilliance of 21 lens output, projecting super-bright LED Stage lights in Red, Green, Blue, and Purple. The 6-lens RGB Beam light creates various vibrant patterns. With a built-in high-sensitivity voice control sensor, the patterns, colors, and beam effects synchronize with the beat of the music, creating an unforgettable disco light show for your party.Elevate Your KTV Nights with Dazzling Stage Lights

♫♫♫​​ This professional RGB Stage Lights offers versatile modes, including DMX512, remote control, sound-activated, automatic, and master/slave mode. In DMX mode, control the lights’ ON/OFF, select colors and output modes, and adjust the speed of LED strobe and motor rotation.Stage Lights Party Stage Lighting KTV LED Lights

♫♫♫​​ Crafted with a premium aluminum alloy shell, the light features a durable cooling fan for enhanced heat dissipation and an extended service life. The adjustable brackets and screws make installation a breeze, allowing placement on the t-truss, ceiling, stage bar, or directly on the ground.Stage Lights Party Stage Lighting KTV LED Lights

♫♫♫​​ Perfect for parties, birthdays, weddings, bars, karaoke, Christmas, and various indoor and outdoor activities. It’s a fantastic gift for your relatives and friends, backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact us anytime; we respond within 24 hours.

Product Details:Stage Lights Party Stage Lighting KTV LED Lights

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish Type: Alloy, Aluminum
  • Light Source Type: Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Shade Material: Aluminum
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Brand: DERBAL
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Number of Batteries: 1 LR44 batteries required. (included)
  • Style: Modern
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Bulb Features: Remote control, sound-activated

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    1. Q: How do I control the lights using DMX512?
      • A: Use the DMX mode to turn the lights ON/OFF, select colors, and adjust strobe speed and motor rotation.
    2. Q: Can I synchronize the lights with my music?
      • A: Yes, the lights have a high-sensitivity voice control sensor to sync effects with the beat of the music.
    3. Q: What is the installation process for different setups?
      • A: Install the lights easily with adjustable brackets and screws, suitable for t-truss, ceiling, stage bar, or ground placement.
    4. Q: Are there any color options for the lights?
      • A: Enjoy vibrant colors, including red, green, blue, and purple, with 6-lens RGB beam light patterns.
    5. Q: What is the warranty coverage for the product?
      • A: DERBAL offers a lifetime warranty on the 21 Eyes Party Lights.
    6. Q: How can I reach customer support for assistance?
      • A: Contact our 24-hour customer support for any inquiries or assistance.
    7. Q: Are these lights suitable for outdoor use?
      • A: While ideal for indoor use, these lights can be used outdoors for various events.

Transform your space with the DERBAL 21 Eyes Party Lights – the perfect blend of innovation, visual excellence, and easy installation. Elevate your KTV nights with these dazzling Stage Lights for an unforgettable party experience.

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