Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder

Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinder – Premium Oak Wood Grinders with Adjustable Ceramic Grinding Mechanism –  Refillable Salt and Pepper Mills NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL: This kitchen manual salt and pepper grinder set is made of natural oak wood, stainless steel and ceramic grinding mechanism, no plastic

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1. Key Selling Points:

Catagory: Hotel Supply-  Pepper Grinder Size Type:  5/8/10 Inch
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China Manufacturer: DERBAL
Product Name: Pepper Grinder LOGO PRINTING YES
Color: Oak  Pepper Grinder SMALL ORDER Accept
Advantage: Anti-rust,Comfortable,Ec0-Friendly Keyword:  Oak Pepper Grinder
Main Business: Hotel Supplies Factory, Wholesale Resort Supplies Usage: Hotels,Resorts supply,Pepper Grinder

1.1 Natural Oak Elegance:

Infuse your kitchen with the natural charm of oak wood. This grinder isn’t just a kitchen tool; it’s a statement piece that enhances your culinary space.Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder

1.2 Adjustable Particle Size:

From fine to coarse, tailor your culinary creations with precision. The adjustable rotor ensures the perfect grind for every dish, allowing you to customize flavors.Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder

1.3 Airtight Freshness:

Preserve the integrity of your spices. The airtight wooden lid protects against moisture and dust, ensuring your spices retain their original, vibrant taste.Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder 7 Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder

2. Product Details:

2.1 Durable Construction:

Engineered with durability in mind, this grinder features a robust oak wood body, a ceramic rotor, and a stainless steel screw cap. Expect corrosion resistance and enduring strength.

From Fine Powder To Coarse Powder

  • Turning the nut clockwise for a fine grinder

The top of the pepper grinder doesn’t need to be overtightened or the grinder won’t work at all. The salt and pepper must have a little room to flow down through the grinder’s internal mechanism.

  • Turning the nut anticlockwise for a coarse grinder

Turn the mill counterclockwise to loosen the nut to the thickest position and twist the top. This will release any large grains of pepper or salt crystals that may have gotten stuck.


2.2 Ergonomic Design:

Comfort meets functionality. The grinder’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during use, eliminating concerns of accidental spills.

2.3 Always Unique:

Embrace individuality. Due to the natural wood material, each grinder is a unique piece with slight variations in color and texture, adding a touch of exclusivity to your kitchen.

Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Oak Pepper Grinder
Salt and Pepper Grinder
Salt and pepper grinders provide a wonderful cooking experience for everyone who loves to cook and host potlucks. A salt and pepper mill is a must-have for any kitchen and table, and will make your job easier when grinding and grinding pepper or salt.
Natural durable oak wood body, ceramic rotor, stainless steel screw cap, corrosion resistance and high strength.
The pepper mill is ergonomic and you can hold it comfortably in your hand without worrying about it falling out when you use it.
This item is made of natural wood, the color and texture of the item you receive may differ slightly from the picture shown.

3. Why Choose DERBAL Pepper Grinder?

3.1 Culinary Companion:

Transform ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Our grinder is a culinary companion that ensures freshly ground pepper or salt for your diverse culinary creations.

3.2 DERBAL Quality Assurance:

Trust in quality. Backed by a one-year warranty, this grinder reflects DERBAL’s commitment to delivering products of the highest standard.

3.3 Culinary Flexibility:

Unlock culinary possibilities. Whether it’s a fine powder or a coarse grind, our pepper grinder adapts to your diverse cooking needs, letting you experiment with flavors.

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7. Frequently Asked Questions:

7.1 Can I use it for other spices besides pepper?

Absolutely. Our grinder is versatile, suitable for grinding various spices, including sea salt, Himalayan salt, and more.

7.2 How do I clean the grinder?

Effortless maintenance. The streamlined wooden body is easy to clean; a simple wipe with a damp cloth keeps it pristine.

7.3 Is the grinder suitable for professional kitchens?

Certainly. The grinder’s durable construction and stylish design make it a fitting choice for both home and professional kitchens.

8. Conclusion:

DERBAL’s Oak Wood Pepper Grinder transcends the realm of kitchen tools, becoming an essential element of your culinary journey. Elevate your cooking with precision, freshness, and aesthetics. Choose DERBAL for a unique blend of quality, design, and culinary innovation. 🌶️✨

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