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Illuminate your resort and hotel restaurant with elegance using DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape. This versatile lamp serves as an atmosphere light and dining light, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting. With 16 different colors to choose from, the RGB light provides endless ambiance possibilities. Rechargeable and designed to last, this eye-friendly lamp is a must-have item for homestays, resorts, and hotels. As your one-stop hotels & resorts supply company, DERBAL ensures you have access to the best lighting solutions for your hospitality needs.


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Selling Points:

1. Versatile Ambiance Creator DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape serves as a versatile ambiance creator, elevating the dining experience in resorts and hotel restaurants. It enhances the atmosphere, creating memorable moments for guests.

2. Rechargeable and Long-Lasting With a rechargeable design, this lamp ensures uninterrupted use without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. Its long-lasting performance guarantees consistent ambiance throughout guests’ stay.

3. RGB Light with 16 Color Options The lamp‘s RGB light offers an impressive selection of 16 different colors, allowing you to customize the ambiance according to the occasion and guest preferences.

4. Eye-Friendly Lighting Designed with guest comfort in mind, the LED Table Lamp Egg Shape emits eye-friendly lighting, reducing strain and providing a welcoming glow during dining and relaxation.

5. Perfect for Homestays, Resorts, and Hotels As a preferred choice for homestays, resorts, and hotels, DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape complements various settings, from intimate dinners to lively gatherings.

6. Seamless Integration with DERBAL’s Hospitality Solutions As your one-stop hotels & resorts supply company, DERBAL offers seamless integration of this lamp with other hospitality solutions, ensuring a complete and cohesive guest experience.

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Product Detailed Page:

Catagory: Hotel Restaurant Size Type:
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China Manufacturer: DERBAL
Product Name: LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp LOGO PRINTING YES
Color: Colorful SMALL ORDER Accept
Advantage: Colorful Light,Atomosphere lamp Keyword: Table Lamp,Dining Lamp
SIZE: 10*10*15cm;15*15*22cm;22*22*28cm;30*30*42cm;44*44*60cm;


Usage: Resort,Hotels,Homestay,Restaurant

Elevate Your Dining Ambiance: Transform your resort and hotel restaurant with DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape. Its soft glow elevates the dining ambiance, creating an enchanting experience for guests.

LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp

Efficient and Rechargeable: Eliminate the need for constant battery changes. The lamp’s rechargeable design ensures consistent lighting performance and efficiency for extended use.

Customize Your Ambiance: Unleash your creativity with 16 different colors of RGB light. Customize the ambiance to match the occasion, whether it’s a romantic dinner, lively celebration, or peaceful retreat.

LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp

Guest Comfort at Its Core: The LED Table Lamp Egg Shape prioritizes guest comfort with its eye-friendly lighting, promoting a relaxed and enjoyable dining atmosphere.

Versatile and Adaptable: The lamp’s versatility makes it ideal for various hospitality settings, from homestays and resorts to upscale hotels. Its adaptability ensures it complements any dining area or event space.

LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp LED Table Lamp Egg Shape Dining Lamp

DERBAL – Your Hospitality Solution Partner: Count on DERBAL as your one-stop hotels & resorts supply company. Beyond providing premium products, we offer a comprehensive range of hospitality solutions for a seamless guest experience.


Q1: How long does the lamp last on a single charge?

A1: The LED Table Lamp Egg Shape provides long-lasting performance on a single charge, offering hours of continuous use, depending on the brightness setting and color chosen.

Q2: Can the lamp be controlled remotely?

A2: Yes, DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape comes with a remote control, offering convenient access to color options and brightness levels from a distance.

Q3: Is the lamp suitable for outdoor dining areas as well?

A3: Absolutely! This lamp’s versatility extends to outdoor dining areas, allowing guests to enjoy its charming ambiance in alfresco settings.


DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape is the epitome of versatility and sophistication, elevating the ambiance of resorts and hotel restaurants. With its rechargeable design, eye-friendly lighting, and an impressive range of 16 colors, this lamp creates an enchanting dining experience for guests. As your one-stop hotels & resorts supply company, DERBAL ensures that this lamp seamlessly integrates into your hospitality offerings, complementing various settings and events. Enrich your dining areas with DERBAL’s LED Table Lamp Egg Shape and embrace the magic of ambiance-enhancing lighting.

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