Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer for Resorts

Elevate Guest Comfort with Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers – The Perfect Addition to Resorts

Indulge your guests with the ultimate comfort during their resort stay with our wall-mounted hair dryers. Designed with convenience and style in mind, these hair dryers are the perfect addition to any resort room. Provide your guests with a hassle-free hair drying experience and add a touch of elegance to their daily routines.

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers for an Unforgettable Resort Stay,Hotel Supplies Factory


Selling Points:

1. Hassle-Free Hair Drying Our wall-mounted hair dryers offer a hassle-free hair drying experience for resort guests. Mounted in easy-to-access locations, guests can effortlessly dry and style their hair in the comfort of their rooms.

2. Professional-Grade Performance Experience professional-grade hair drying performance with our hair dryers. Powerful motors and multiple heat and speed settings ensure efficient drying for all hair types.

3. Sleek and Space-Saving Design The sleek and space-saving design of our wall-mounted hair dryers complements the decor of any resort room. They seamlessly blend into the surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication.

4. Safety and Durability Crafted with safety and durability in mind, our hair dryers are built to last in a resort environment. Guests and staff can rest assured knowing they have a reliable and safe hair drying solution.

5. Guest Convenience Enhance guest convenience with these user-friendly hair dryers. The easy-to-use controls and lightweight design make them perfect for guests of all ages.

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Product Detailed Page:

Wall mounted hair dryer /FL-2101A

1. Voltage: 220V-240V(50Hz-60Hz)
2. Rated Power: 1300W
3. Color: White
4. Air Speed: 20m/s
5. Material: ABS
6. Plug: EU plug(No.1)
7. Feature:Warm Air Optional(2 Speed Settings)/Overheating protection
8. Air Temperature: 65±15°C
9. Warranty: 1 year

11..Dimensions: 175x95x185mm Net Weight: 0.65kg/pcs
12.Inner Box:245*180*100mm 0.75kg/box
13.Outer Ctn:520*380*510mm 20pcs/ctn 16kg/ctn

Effortless Hair Drying: Make hair drying a breeze for your resort guests with our wall-mounted hair dryers. Conveniently placed in each room, guests can enjoy effortless and efficient hair drying without leaving their comfort zone.

Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer for Resorts

Professional Results for All Hair Types: Our hair dryers offer professional-grade performance suitable for all hair types. Multiple heat and speed settings cater to various hair needs, ensuring every guest achieves the desired look.

Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer for Resorts

Sleek and Stylish Addition: Upgrade the aesthetics of your resort rooms with our wall-mounted hair dryers. Their sleek and stylish design effortlessly complements any interior, elevating the overall guest experience.

Built to Last and Safe to Use: Designed for the rigors of resort life, our hair dryers are crafted with durability and safety as top priorities. Guests can rely on them for a safe and enjoyable hair drying experience.

User-Friendly Convenience: Cater to your guests’ needs with these user-friendly hair dryers. Easy-to-understand controls and a lightweight design provide guests with the ultimate convenience during their stay.

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Hotel Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Hair Dryer for Resorts


Q1: Are the hair dryers noise-free?

A1: Our wall-mounted hair dryers are designed to operate quietly, ensuring a relaxing and peaceful experience for guests during their hair drying routine.

Q2: Can the hair dryers be adjusted for different voltage levels?

A2: Yes, our hair dryers are equipped with voltage adjustment features, making them suitable for use in various regions around the world.

Q3: Are these hair dryers energy-efficient?

A3: Absolutely! Our wall-mounted hair dryers are engineered to be energy-efficient, promoting sustainability without compromising on performance.


Upgrade your resort’s guest experience with our wall-mounted hair dryers, providing convenience, style, and professional-grade performance. These sleek and space-saving additions enhance the aesthetics of your resort rooms while offering guests a hassle-free hair drying experience. Built to last and designed with safety in mind, these hair dryers ensure guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest. Choose our wall-mounted hair dryers for the ultimate convenience and elevate your resort’s hospitality to new heights.

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