Hotel Amenities Slipper Personalized White Disposable Hotel Slippers High Quality HotelSpa Slipper

Closed Toe Coral Fleece Hotel Slippers

Introducing DERBAL’s Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Hotel Slippers – where comfort, style, and customization meet. Elevate your guests’ relaxation experience with these luxurious disposable slippers. Crafted from soft coral fleece and tailored with your logo, our hotel slippers offer the perfect blend of comfort and branding, creating a memorable stay for your esteemed guests.

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Catagory: Guestroom/Amenity/Room Slippers Size Type: 28.5*11cm
Place of Origin: GuangDong,China Manufacturer: DERBAL
Product Name: Hotel Room Slippers LOGO PRINTING YES
Color: White SMALL ORDER Accept
Advantage: Comfortable,Slipper Keyword: Disposable Hotel Slippers
Feature: 28.5*11cm Usage: Hotels,Resorts,Homestay,Airport

Selling Points:

1. Unmatched Comfort and Luxury DERBAL’s Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Hotel Slippers deliver unmatched comfort and luxury, allowing your guests to indulge in ultimate relaxation.

Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper

2. Customized Branding Personalize the guest experience with customized logo options. Our slippers become a canvas for your hotel’s branding, enhancing brand recognition and guest satisfaction.

3. Soft Coral Fleece Crafted from soft coral fleece, our slippers cocoon your guests’ feet in plush comfort, ensuring a cozy and inviting feel after a long day.

Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Wholesale Closed toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Luxury Hotel Bedroom Guest Slipper Disposable Hotel Slippers 15 Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper Hotel-Amenities-Slipper-Personalized-White-Disposable-Hotel-SlippersHigh-Quality-HotelSpa-Slipper

4. Disposable Convenience The disposable design ensures a convenient and hygienic experience for every guest, reflecting your commitment to their comfort and well-being.

5. Elevate Bedroom Luxury DERBAL’s Hotel Slippers elevate bedroom luxury, providing your guests with a touch of opulence that reflects your dedication to their comfort.

6. DERBAL’s Quality Assurance As your trusted hospitality partner, DERBAL ensures the highest quality standards. Our Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Hotel Slippers exemplify our commitment to excellence.

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Product Detailed Page:

Indulge in Luxurious Comfort: DERBAL’s Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Hotel Slippers redefine comfort. Step into plush coral fleece and indulge in a relaxation experience like no other.

Branded Comfort, Unforgettable Stay: Personalize the guest experience with customized logo options. Our slippers become a reflection of your brand, creating an unforgettable impression.

A Cozy Cocoon for Feet: Crafted from soft coral fleece, our slippers provide a cozy cocoon for your guests’ feet, making them feel pampered and cared for during their stay.

Hygienic Convenience, Thoughtful Care: Our disposable design offers hygienic convenience, reflecting your dedication to guests’ well-being and ensuring a seamless guest experience.

Elevate Bedroom Indulgence: Bring a touch of opulence to your guest bedrooms. DERBAL’s Hotel Slippers enhance the luxury of your accommodations, enhancing the overall guest experience.

DERBAL’s Commitment to Excellence: Count on DERBAL for top-tier quality and reliability. Our Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Hotel Slippers embody our promise of exceptional products for your hospitality needs.


Q1: Can the slippers be customized with different colors and sizes? A1: Absolutely! Our slippers offer customization options for colors and sizes, allowing you to cater to diverse guest preferences.

Q2: Are the slippers suitable for various floor surfaces? A2: Yes, our slippers are designed with slip-resistant soles, ensuring safety and comfort on various floor surfaces within your establishment.

Q3: Are these slippers eco-friendly? A3: Yes, our disposable slippers are made with consideration for environmental impact, offering a sustainable option for guest comfort.


DERBAL’s Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Hotel Slippers redefine comfort and luxury. From personalized branding to soft coral fleece, these slippers cocoon your guests in opulent relaxation. The disposable design reflects your dedication to guest comfort and well-being. Elevate bedroom luxury and create an unforgettable stay with DERBAL’s Hotel Slippers. Trust our commitment to excellence and quality, which shines through in every aspect of our products. Imprint your brand with distinction and elevate guest comfort with DERBAL’s Wholesale Closed Toe Coral Fleece Customized Logo Hotel Slippers – where luxury meets customization in the world of hospitality.

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