Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual

Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual-China Factory. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts, beach dwellers, and island travelers, this CE Certificated and SOLAS Approved life jacket offers 150N buoyancy for universal adults. Quick inflation, durable construction, and meticulous testing make it a reliable choice.

Discover Unrivaled Safety and Comfort

Are you a water sports enthusiast, a beach dweller, or an island-hopping traveler? Look no further than the Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual—an essential companion for those who prioritize water safety without compromising on comfort. Engineered for boating, swimming, and a range of water sports, this life vest offers total water safety and peace of mind.

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Key Features:

Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual

  • Buoyancy and Fit: The Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket boasts a buoyancy of 150N, ensuring it can support universal adults under 330 lbs (150kg). The adjustable belt is designed to fit both adults and youth comfortably, with a size range of 29-62 inches for the waist/chest.Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual
  • Certifications and Reflectors: Safety is paramount. This life jacket is CE Certificated and SOLAS Approved, equipped with 3M Reflectors for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. The 3M Reflectors, combined with waterproof Polyester Oxford cover, make this life jacket not only safe but also durable.
  • Quick Inflation and Backup: The manual inflation mechanism activates in just 2-3 seconds, swiftly adjusting your head above the water. Additionally, a backup oral inflation tube on the left side provides an alternative inflation method for added peace of mind.
  • Comfortable Design: Designed for comfort, the Eyson® Life Jacket features a soft neoprene neckline, ensuring all-day comfort for sportsmen, paddlers, and recreational boaters. The lightweight, low-profile design makes it easy to wear without hindering movement.Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual
  • Durable Construction: The life jacket’s fabric cover is made from waterproof Polyester Oxford material, offering tear and puncture resistance. The adjustable strap webbing and buckle allow for easy size adjustment, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Reflective Strips and High-Class Stitchwork: Two reflective strips enhance visibility in darkness, while the high-class stitchwork showcases the installation of a 33-gram CO2 cylinder with automatic inflation.
Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual

Air pressure measurement

Safety is always our top priority!

Every single inflatable life jacket has measured for twice, each time for 24 hours. First measurement for finding out defective inflation device, second measurement for checking if chamber air leakage

Exquisite Bag for Easy Storage

What’s in the package?

1 x Eyson life jacket

1 x Carry bag

1 x User’s manual

Eyson Rearming Kit

Rearming kit for this life jacket

Asin: B07Y2T6ZRD

Cylinder Capacity: 33 grams

Buoyancy: 150N

Specification: 1/2 inch thread

Application: Eyson Manual Inflatable life jacket for adults


One cylinder was installed on the life jacket, it’s better to buy one or more rearming kits for backup.

  • Quick Release Buckle and D-ring: The quick-release buckle facilitates easy on-and-off, and the additional D-ring provides a convenient spot for hanging small items.
  • Air Bag Technology: The air bag, constructed from Nylon + TPU material, is equipped with SOLAS Reflectors for increased visibility. Eyson’s patented inflator ensures swift inflation, and the backup oral tube and professional life-saving whistle add extra layers of safety.
  • Rearming Kit and Exquisite Bag: The Eyson® Life Jacket comes with a rearming kit (Asin: B07Y2T6ZRD), featuring a 33-gram CO2 cylinder. The exquisite carry bag ensures easy storage and portability.

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Safety Assurance:

At Eyson, safety is the top priority. Each inflatable life jacket undergoes rigorous testing, with measurements taken over 48 hours to ensure no air leakage. The meticulous testing process guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of our life jackets.

What’s in the Package:

  1. Eyson® Life Jacket
  2. Carry Bag
  3. User’s Manual

Rearming Kit:

For added assurance, consider purchasing the Eyson Rearming Kit (Asin: B07Y2T6ZRD) with a 33-gram CO2 cylinder. It’s a proactive step to ensure your life jacket is always ready for use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual

  1. Is the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket suitable for all water activities?

    Yes, the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket is designed for various water activities, including boating, swimming, and water sports, providing total water safety.

  2. What is the buoyancy capacity of this life jacket?

    The life jacket offers a buoyancy of 150N, making it suitable for universal adults under 330 lbs (150kg).

  3. Is the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket suitable for children?

    This specific model is designed for adults and youth. Eyson offers other models specifically tailored for children.

  4. How does the manual inflation mechanism work?

    The life jacket manually inflates when the wearer pulls the handle, providing swift inflation in approximately 2-3 seconds to keep the head above water.

  5. Is there a backup inflation option?

    Yes, the life jacket is equipped with a back-up oral inflation tube on the left side, providing an alternative inflation method for added safety.

  6. What certifications does the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket have?

    The life jacket is CE Certificated and SOLAS Approved, meeting international safety standards for maritime and recreational use.

  7. What is the material of the life jacket cover?

    The cover is made from waterproof Polyester Oxford material, providing tear and puncture resistance while remaining lightweight.

  8. How adjustable is the life jacket for different body sizes?

    The life jacket features adjustable strap webbing and a buckle, allowing for easy size adjustment. It is suitable for waists/chests ranging from 29 to 62 inches.

  9. Is the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket comfortable for extended wear?

    Yes, the life jacket is designed for comfort with a soft neoprene neckline, making it suitable for all-day wear during various water activities.

  10. How long does the Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket stay inflated?

    The life jacket has a floating duration greater than 48 hours, providing extended buoyancy in case of emergencies.


Elevate your water safety experience with the Eyson® Inflatable Life Jacket Life Vest Manual. Whether you’re a seasoned water adventurer or a casual beachgoer, this life jacket is your reliable partner for aquatic activities. Invest in quality, comfort, and peace of mind with Eyson. Safety is not just a feature—it’s our commitment.

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