1. Stay Safe and Secure with DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight
  2. Easy Installation and Instant Activation for Emergency Situations
  3. Ensure Uninterrupted Visibility During Power Outages and Evacuations

 DERBAL ,Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight China Manufacturer

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Selling Points:

  1. Reliable Emergency Lighting: The DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight offers a trustworthy lighting solution during emergencies. With its high-quality components and durable construction, it provides consistent illumination to guide you through unexpected power outages, natural disasters, or evacuation scenarios.
  2. Easy Installation and Quick Activation: Our wall-mounted Pharos Torchlight is designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring swift accessibility in critical situations. The intuitive design allows for effortless activation, empowering anyone to quickly activate the torchlight and illuminate the surroundings when seconds count.
  3. Uninterrupted Visibility for Safety: The DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight ensures uninterrupted visibility in emergency situations, enabling a safe and efficient evacuation. Its powerful beam penetrates darkness, illuminating escape routes, stairwells, corridors, and other vital areas, providing clarity and peace of mind for occupants.

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Product characteristics:

1. Color: Available in black and white;

2. Wall mounted design with 13 LED lights for hotel use

3. Automatic switch system, optional with or without switch
when leaving the wall bracket without switch, the light will automatically light up;
when returning to the bracket, the light will automatically turn off

4. Anti slip arm

Charging Kit:

① LED All-Alluminium Flashlight Torch
② Charging & Wall-mount Holder
③ Rechargeable Batteries Pack
④ Standard Charger(110~240v Global Voltage)

Product Detailed Page:


Prepare for emergencies with the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight, a reliable and essential lighting solution. Crafted with superior quality, this torchlight ensures uninterrupted visibility when it matters most. Its wall-mounted design allows for easy installation in strategic locations, making it readily accessible during power outages and emergency scenarios. With its user-friendly interface, activation is simple and swift, empowering anyone to illuminate their path to safety. Trust the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight to provide the necessary illumination for a secure evacuation.


Material All-aluminum body/rubber non-slip grip cover/ABS plastic base
Lamp beads 13 LED
Color  Silver Black Red Yellow
Dimensions 185*60*55 mm(Φ45*Φ26 *175 mm)
Battery 3 AA batteries
Weight 325 g
Accessories Charging Wall-Mount Holder, Battery Holder


Q: How long does the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight last during an emergency?

A: The DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight is designed to provide extended operation during emergencies. The duration of illumination varies based on factors such as battery capacity and usage. We offer torchlights with different battery capacities to suit various needs. Please refer to the product specifications for estimated runtime and consider having backup batteries on hand for extended emergencies.

Q: Is professional installation required for the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight?

A: No, professional installation is not required for the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight. It is designed for simple installation, and detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the process. However, if you prefer professional assistance, you can consult a licensed electrician to ensure proper installation and adherence to safety guidelines.

Q: Can the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight be used in outdoor areas?

A: While the DERBAL Wall-Mounted Emergency Pharos Torchlight is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be installed in covered outdoor areas that provide protection against direct exposure to harsh weather conditions. It is important to ensure the torchlight is mounted in a location that shields it from rain, moisture, and extreme temperatures to maintain its functionality and longevity.

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