DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill with TV, Touch Screen, and Wifi Connectivity – Elevate Fitness in Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Discover the ultimate fitness experience with the DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill, featuring a built-in TV, touch screen display, and wifi connectivity. Designed specifically for luxury resorts and hotels, this state-of-the-art treadmill combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering guests a premium workout experience. Embrace fitness in style with DERBAL.

Innovative Features for Luxury Resort Fitness Centers

The DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill boasts innovative features that are perfectly suited for luxury resort fitness centers. With a built-in TV, touch screen display, and wifi connectivity, guests can enjoy personalized workouts, entertainment, and stay connected while indulging in a luxurious fitness experience. Elevate your resort’s fitness offerings with DERBAL.

Selling Points

  • Premium Fitness Experience: Enhance your resort’s fitness center with the DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill, providing guests with a premium fitness experience that combines cutting-edge features and luxury design.
  • Entertainment and Connectivity: The built-in TV and touch screen display keep guests entertained during workouts, while wifi connectivity enables them to stay connected, access streaming services, or engage with fitness apps.
  • Luxurious Design: With its sleek and modern design, the KY760-B Treadmill adds a touch of luxury to your resort’s fitness center. Its high-quality construction and attention to detail ensure it complements the upscale ambiance of your establishment.

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Product Detailed Description

  • Taiwan AC heavy duty motor  provide 20% power more than domestic .
  • Allow 22km/h speed ,20% incline.
  • 3.5mm Seiglin belt and 30.0mm Duoble running board can 250kgs loading weight .
  • Aluminum alloy frame cover and excellent finishing.
  • Ac motor and commercial inverter combination ensure 18h-20h working time per day and more 20% service life than domestic model .
Model Number KY-760B
Motor System AC 7.0Hp Taiwan Motor
Inverter AC Inverter from Mitsubishi
Speed Range 0.8-20km/h
Elevation 6HP , 0-20% ,Step-Up Height 35cm
Heart Rate Monitoring DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Max user weight 550LB/250KG
Display LED /Android System Touch Screen (15.6’)
Running Belt 4.0mm Diamond striped ,anti-static
Rollers 3.5″ (9 cm) precision crowned steel rollers, front and back
Running Surface 62cm*158cm
Voltage 50-60Hz,220-240V,8.6A
Size (L*W*H) 205cm x 95cm x160 cm ,woodcase (1.5CBM)


The DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill is a pinnacle of luxury fitness equipment, specifically designed for upscale resorts and hotels. Combining advanced technology, entertainment features, and exquisite design, it delivers an exceptional fitness experience to your discerning guests.

Featuring a built-in TV, guests can enjoy their favorite shows, movies, or even stream workout classes during their workouts, transforming their exercise routine into an enjoyable and engaging experience. The touch screen display offers intuitive controls and easy access to various workout programs and settings.

Guests can also stay connected while exercising with the treadmill’s wifi connectivity. They can access the internet, stream music, or connect with fitness apps to track their progress and customize their workouts. This connectivity feature allows them to maintain their fitness routine and entertainment preferences seamlessly.

The DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill is designed to meet the high standards of luxury resorts and hotels. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, even during intense workouts, while its cushioning system minimizes impact on joints, providing a comfortable and safe exercise environment.

Your resort’s fitness center will be elevated with the sleek and modern design of the KY760-B Treadmill. Its sophisticated aesthetic and premium finishes perfectly complement the luxurious ambiance of your establishment, offering a visually appealing focal point for guests.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Is the DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill suitable for all fitness levels?
Yes, the DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill is designed to accommodate users of various fitness levels. It offers a range of workout programs and adjustable settings, allowing guests to customize their workouts based on their individual needs and preferences.

2.Can the treadmill be branded with our resort’s logo?
Yes, we offer customization options, including branding the treadmill with your resort’s logo. Please contact our customer support team to discuss your branding requirements and to ensure a personalized touch that aligns with your resort’s branding guidelines.

3.What maintenance is required for the KY760-B Treadmill?
The KY760-B Treadmill requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. It’s recommended to keep the treadmill clean, lubricate the belt as instructed, and perform routine checks on the electronics and motor. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided in the product manual to assist with proper upkeep.

Elevate your resort’s fitness offerings and provide guests with an unparalleled workout experience with the DERBAL KY760-B Treadmill. Our luxury fitness equipment combines style, technology, and performance to meet the expectations of your discerning clientele.

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